Susan Marie David 

Jeweler/ Collagist

Susan began her artistic career as a custom jeweler. To this end, she studied design, technique, antique jewelry appraisal and gemology with Lisa Spiros, Marsha Davis, Edith Weber and others.

The ultimate green artist at work, for her creations she frequently uses vintage stones from antique jewelry, which she disassembles; or from job lots of costume jewelry and other “discarded” objects which catch her eye. She also uses old crystals or glass pieces from non-jewelry sources such as old chandeliers or even, as has happened, 1920s dresses and worn-out leather pants.The textures of the discarded jewels and fabrics help bring the lifeless back to life in the form of a Shenanequin. Each Shenanequin stands tall and has a message to tell, if you are open and willing to listen.

Susan’s art involves the transmutation of items, which have outlived their original intended uses and are reprocessed into artistic formats. The underlying idea is that the original purposes of the objects and the wear from their use over the years contribute to the theme and message of the developed work of art. The subtle impressions of each “discarded” object are reborn in the context of Susan’s creations.

Susan Marie’s art projects a passionate ecological message about the immutability of otherwise disposable objects. There is something about a broken necklace or one earring that conveys a timeless message. Each object provides a subtext reflecting not only its original function but also the scars of its use over time. Once new, then used up, rejected and discarded, and then reborn as an element in a work of art to please the eye and soul.

For more information on Susan's work, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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