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Queen Victoria, the longest reigning monarch in British history, met, fell in love and proposed (something a monarch must initiate) to Prince Albert. They had an ideally happy marriage, birthing children, and he became the dominant influence in her life, helping her to restore the prestige of the Crown which had heretofore waned considerably.

A short time before the death of Prince Albert he had told the Queen, “We don’t know in what state we shall meet again, but we shall recognize each other and be together in eternity, I am perfectly certain.” His early death at the age of 42 had her coming apart at the seams. She never stopped mourning for him and wore black until her own death forty years later.

Her reign was marked by a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific and military progress within the United Kingdom, much of which reflected the influence of Prince Albert. As Queen, she saw slavery abolished in the colonies, the Reform Bill passed, the Poor Law reformed and the Corn Law replaced. During this period, England reached its Zenith and became the foremost global power of its time.

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