Height 6′ 5″

What is it that can be measured with great precision but cannot be seen, felt nor observed in any tangible way? Time: which is a concept, like God, and is an essential part of a well functioning human society. Einstein theorized about time but not about God! Perhaps, if he were not an atheist, he would have produced theoretical constructs about God (G=mc2) (mankind’s condition squared) which might more comfortably conform to quantum ideas about the essence of matter.

Timekeeper is the son of FatherTime. He accompanies each one of us on our journey through life until our demise when Daddy takes over and the Timekeeper ceases to exist. Time never stops progressing on an infinitesimal level; hence there is no real present, only the past and the future. For each of us, the Timekeeper keeps an account of time exhausted and time remaining on our journey from the womb to the grave.

Humans dote on time whereas all other things, living and inert, lead well-ordered or ordained existences without any regard or need to define, understand, measure or even recognize time. Time has such critical meaning to humans that a rite of passage is to be given a timepiece to use on all waking hours so as to remain seemingly in control of this concept we actually understand very little, if anything, about.

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