Templar Knights were the medieval equivalent of modern day superheroes such as Superman and Batman, except that they really existed and exemplified all of the admirable qualities of courage, fearlessness, superior skills in combat, dedication to a worthy cause, and self sacrifice. Their symbol was a white mantle with a red cross, and they received their authority directly from the Pope. Their most famous mission was to retake Jerusalem from the “heathens” and obtain the Holy Grail. During one particular encounter (The Siege of Ascalen) 40 Templars who had breached the walls were isolated and beheaded.

Despite being very powerful The Templars remained very secretive. Subsequent to their persecution and subsequent dissolution, other groups have alleged their inheritance from the Templars. This includes not only their practices and mysteries but their treasures as well, which are variously speculated to include the Holy Grail, the Arc of the Covenant, a piece of the True Cross and the Shroud of Turin.

The Templar Knight was awarded First Place by the Ringwood Arts Association and also won Second Place at the Buck Hills Art Show.

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